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Vertical double exhibition wallboard forming machine

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Vertical double-spread wall panel forming machine     

Guangxi Hongfa Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. combined the main advantages of vertical wall panel forming machine and horizontal wall panel forming machine independently developed and produced a wall panel forming machine - vertical double-spread wall panel forming machine. The forming machine adopts the

double opening and closing mode, the original vertical resting wall panels are turned into two horizontal wall panels after opening and closing, and the lightweight composite wall panels are removed, stacked and stacked from the forming machine at one time by using the mobile stripping machine, so as to achieve the production requirements of "high capacity and high efficiency".

Compared with the simple vertical wall panel machine, the vertical double-spread

wall panel forming machine greatly reduces the labor intensity of the work of the workers, such as mold removal and plate removal, saves a lot of production time, and improves the work efficiency of the workers. Compared with the horizontal wall panel forming machine, the output of 40 to 46 sheets of vertical double display wall panel forming machine improves the production capacity of the equipment, which is unrivaled by the horizontal wall panel forming machine.

Vertical double display wall panel molding machine set horizontal wall panel machine stripping, loading simple and light characteristics and vertical wall panel machine production efficiency characteristics, in the peer competition, Guangxi Hongfa light composite wall panel equipment technology content is in a favorable position in the industry.

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